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    Sterilized Tongue Depressors

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    Sterilized Wooden Tongue Depressors for Tattoo Application

    Our Sterilized Wooden Tongue Depressors are an essential tool for any tattoo artist. Each depressor is individually wrapped to maintain sterility and prevent any contamination, providing peace of mind for both the artist and the client.


    • Material: Smooth, splinter-free wood designed for comfort and safety.
    • Sterilization: Each tongue depressor is sterilized and individually packaged to uphold the highest sanitary standards.
    • Size: Standard dimensions suitable for a variety of applications in tattooing and body art procedures.
    • Versatility: Ideal for spreading ointments, mixing pigments, or as a disposable tool for any needs that require a hygienic application.
    • Quantity: Available in boxes of 100 pieces, perfect for stocking up your studio.

    With these Sterilized Wooden Tongue Depressors, you can ensure a hygienic environment that prioritizes client safety without compromising on quality.

    Sterilized Tongue Depressors

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