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    Fake Skins

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    Tattoo Fake Skins

    Perfect your craft with our Tattoo Fake Skins, designed for both beginners and experienced tattoo artists. These high-quality sheets provide a realistic alternative to human skin, allowing you to practice various techniques, from lining to shading, without the stress of working on a live model.


    • Material: Made with a soft, pliable composite that closely mimics the texture and feel of real skin.
    • Color: A light, flesh-toned yellow for optimal visibility of your ink work.
    • Versatility: Ideal for practice, display, or portfolio work, and can be used with both tattoo machines and hand tools.

    Whether you're fine-tuning your artistry or demonstrating your techniques, these Tattoo Fake Skins are an indispensable tool for any tattoo artist's development.

    Fake Skins

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