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    Dental Bibs

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    Professional-Grade Dental Bibs - 125 Pieces

    Ensure your tattooing environment remains pristine with our Professional-Grade Dental Bibs. These high-quality bibs are designed to offer reliable protection for both your clients and work surfaces. Each bib provides a dependable barrier against contaminants, keeping your workspace clean and professional.


    • Material: Crafted from a durable, absorbent layer coupled with a waterproof backing to prevent any seepage.
    • Color: A deep black tone for a sleek look that minimizes visible stains and maintains a professional aesthetic.
    • Versatility: Perfect for use as a client bib, workstation cover, or tray liner, these bibs adapt to all your studio needs.
    • Quantity: With 125 pieces in each pack, you can stock your studio with confidence, knowing you have the essentials covered.

    These dental bibs are a staple for tattoo artists who prioritize a hygienic, well-maintained studio, and are sold in convenient packs to keep your focus on the art, not the cleanup.

    Dental Bibs

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